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The Secret To Our Success Is OUR STAFF

The Secret to our Success is our Staff

About Centro Chiropractic Clinic

Centro Chiropractic Clinic opened its doors in 2007, and since then, we’ve grown to include eight convenient clinic locations in and around the Portland and Salem areas, where we proudly serve thousands of patients each year. Our talented team of highly trained and experienced chiropractors, massage therapists, and bilingual support staff work closely with each patient to create personalized treatment plans to address pain and mobility issues and improve quality of life. We accomplish this with expert care, customized treatment plans, and cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

When you’re injured in an auto, work, or sports accident that leaves you suffering pain and feeling anxious about your ability to continue working and enjoying your life, the qualified and caring team at Centro Chiropractic Clinic is on the job. Starting with your free consultation, we’ll guide you through every step of the process and ensure you feel comfortable and confident with your targeted treatment plan. At Centro Chiropractic Clinic, we’re proud to be your partners in recovery.

Contact us today at 503-980-4808 or online to Schedule Your Appointment or Free Consultation. Or if you’re in pain and you need immediate assistance, be seen today by simply visiting one of our 8 convenient locations.

Dr. Kristen Brennan | Hillsboro Clinic

Dr. Brennan is a Michigan native with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Michigan State University. From there she went on to graduate Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. During her time there, she volunteered her services to the people of Morocco along with other qualified peers from multiple chiropractic colleges as part of a Study Abroad Program. She has successfully completed further educational courses with focus on motor vehicle collisions and cervical acceleration/deceleration injuries (whiplash) under the teachings of Dr. Arthur C. Croft who is the director of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

Along with treating patients from auto injuries, Dr. Brennan also takes special interest in treating pediatric patients and sports athletes. Dr. Brennan is currently enrolled at Oregon State University in pursuit of becoming a Registered Dietitian to supplement her chiropractic care. In her free time, Dr. Brennan enjoys playing ice hockey and sightseeing the beautiful Northwest region with her husband and daughter.


Dr. Maurice Cephus | Aloha

Undergraduate work at Patton College...right down the street from Oracle area where Steph Curry handles his business (for the time being).
Graduate work at Palmer West Chiropractic in my hometown of San Jose, CA

I'm passionate about seeing my patients improve their health and quality of living through chiropractic care. I can't put into words how gratifying it is to be apart of their recovery to health and wellness!

Becoming a partner with Centro has given me the freedom to focus all my energy towards my strength... patient care.

I enjoy eating good food...I know, I know everyone likes to eat, but I'm talking about the kind of eating where you grab a pillow and blanket afterwards. Food and spines communicate with me, we have conversations together you understand; a bond! lol


Dr. Richard Hill | McMinnville

Undergraduate degree: BS in Military History with a minor in Systems Engineering from the US Military Academy. DC from Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States). Graduate of the Whiplash Biomechanics and Traumatology course from Spine Research Institute of San Diego (2013, 2018).

I'm passionate about understanding individual injury cases to make sure that patients not only get the best care and rehabilitation right now, but also make sure they have all the tools they need to ensure the fullest recovery possible for the future.

Working with Centro allows me to meet so many people who would otherwise live and work in pain and help them recover from their injuries and equip them to remain pain-free. When your not helping people get better, what do you enjoy doing? Riding my motorcycle and target shooting.


Dr. Daniel Hubbell, DC | Gresham

I studied at the University of Western States and received a Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Biology. I also earned a Masters of Writing in publishing. What I learned earlier in my life taught me other important skills. The most important skill I learned as a patient is the true value of being treated and cared for by a chiropractor.

This idea of helping others was already ingrained in my mind and I had a passion for helping others already before becoming a chiropractor. How much greater in the importance of helping someone learn how to become pain-free? It’s priceless.

Centro has given me the opportunity to provide excellent service to a variety of people. It allows me to hold to the basic rule that all people deserve to be treated the same as I would want to be treated. I’m not a Chiropractor all the time but I am a father and husband all the time. When I’m not adjusting then I’m playing with my daughters, hanging out with my wife, and writing my novel.

Dr. Jason Kennedy | Salem

Dr. Kennedy was born and raised in Southern California. His first experience with chiropractic was as a senior in high school when he took a field trip to the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) in Whittier, CA. He was so impressed with the facilities and all of the things a Chiropractor could do, that he signed up for their weekend course to become Certified Chiropractic Assistant. It was during this course that he fell in love with the profession and decided to devote his life to it. Many years later, while in his first years of practice, he felt a call to service and enlisted in the United States Army. After 4 years in the service he decided to further his education and enrolled in the Acupuncture program at his alma mater, now called Southern California University of Health Sciences (LACC). After he graduated with his Masters degree he moved to Oregon to experience all that life in the pacific northwest had to offer. (This was an easy decision as he had been visiting Keizer for about 5 years and just fell in love with the kindness of the people and the natural beauty of the area.)

Dr. Kennedy learned about Centro Chiropractic from his colleague, Alex Alcaraz. He and Alex both attended the same Acupuncture school and after Alex moved to Keizer and started working for Centro as a massage therapist he recommended that Dr. Kennedy meet with the owner. Centro Chiropractic allows Dr. Kennedy to care for his patients with compassion and to provide the kind of high quality health care that people deserve. He is able to give them his full attention and the best experience every single visit. Every day is a reminder that chiropractic care is a wonderful and powerful way of restoring function to peoples bodies and lives. At home Dr. Kennedy has a very neurotic Australian Shepherd named Snickers that loves to go on walks and get a little too excited about other dogs. Dr. Kennedy also loves to hike and just be in nature. He enjoys table top and card games and loves to spend time with friends.


Dr. Eric Kim | Beaverton

University of Western States:  Doctor of Chiropractic., Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (C.C.S.P).

Helping people improve on a daily basis with pain management and correcting Biomechanical default. It's very rewarding to see a patient go from not being able to move very well to seeing them back to doing things they enjoy.

Working with Centro has allowed me to serve and touch many people lives who need help with acute and chronic pain. It has helped me to stay on top of my clinical knowledge and always looking for better ways to help people.

I like to live an active lifestyle and enjoy activities such as: snowboarding, weightlifting, hiking, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and running. I also like to relax and enjoy cup of coffee and dessert.


Dr. Jeffery Krahler | Salem

Dr. Jeffery Krahler has a B.S. Human Biology, Northwesteren Health Sciences University, Bloomington, MN and a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, MN

Dr. Krahler's passion for chiropractic began in high school after suffering a shoulder injury. After experiencing minimal relief of his symptoms with traditional medicine and physical therapy he eventually discovered chiropractic and experienced great results.

Working at Centro Chiropractic allows Dr. Krahler to treat a wide range of conditions. He enjoys helping patients improve their quality of life after injuries.

In his free time Dr. Krahler enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding, and hockey.


Dr. Bradley Whetstone | Woodburn/Gresham

Dr. Bradley Whetstone was born and raised in Colorado. He received his Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University. Dr. Whetstone moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend the University of Western States in Portland where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Additionally, Dr. Whetstone holds a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science. Further training includes Graston, motion palpation, rehabilitation exercises, human performance, and specialized training in the treatment of motor vehicle collisions and whiplash injuries from Dr. Arthur C. Croft at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

Dr. Whetstone enjoys helping patients progress through the injury healing and recovery stages in the fastest possible way. Though his real passion at Centro is taking a patient that was barely able to walk through the door and in a short amount of time returning that patient to full pain free function. In his free time Dr. Whetstone likes riding and racing road bikes, climbing mountains, skiing, and sailing on the Columbia River.

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